** Updated 2/2024 **


The Notre Dame Software Repository for Accounting and Finance (SRAF) is a website designed to provide a central repository for programs and data used in accounting and finance research.  

The site was initially proposed in my paper with Tim Loughran, "Textual Analysis in Accounting and Finance: A Survey" (SSRN, Journal of Accounting Research, 54:4, September 2016, 1187-1230).  Although the focus of the site is textual analysis, we also will attempt to catalog any other software and data relevant to the profession.

If you would like to contribute to the site, make suggestions, tune regexes, or are interested in receiving update notifications, please e-mail me at mcdonald.1@nd.edu.

All software and data are provided on an "as is" basis, without warranties, for non-commercial purposes. The software is free for academic researchers. Please contact us at loughranmcdonald@gmail.com for commercial licensing applications.


Bill McDonald
University of Notre Dame