Master Index Data

The SEC/EDGAR website provides various files containing all company filings for each year/qtr. We use the "master.idx" file to create the resources on this website. The master index contains the CIK, Company Name, Form Type, Date Filed, and Filename for each filing. The historical data is not a fixed archive and on rare occasions, a file will be added, modified, or deleted. All of the following master.idx collections are based on data downloaded on 1/11/2024.


The following zip file provides each "master.idx" file from 1993Q1 - 2023Q4. We have renamed the generic files to master_YYYY_QTR#.idx, where YYYY represents the four-digit year and # represents the quarter (1-4).


We also provide files that aggregate the data from each quarterly file over the entire period. The second version below only includes 10-X form variants (and is a much smaller file).

MasterIndex_Aggregate_1993-2023.txt (2.1G) - All files aggregated

MasterIndex_Aggregate_10X_1993-2023.txt - Only 10X variants (e.g., 10-K, 10-Q, 10-K405 ...)