Contributed Materials

On this page I provide code and data provided by others. I have not tested nor carefully reviewed these resources and provide them on an as is basis.


  • Dictionary-based sentiment analysis package in R. Created by Stefan Feuerriegel and Nicolas Proellochs. "Performs a sentiment analysis of textual contents in R. This implementation utilizes various existing dictionaries, such as Harvard IV, or finance-specific dictionaries. Furthermore, it can also create customized dictionaries. The latter uses LASSO regularization as a statistical approach to select relevant terms based on an exogenous response variable." (here)
  • 10-X_+Reports_to_Google_Drive - R code to copy/select 10-X report files to your main Google Drive folder for text/sentiment analysis. Created by Sanda Rolnicki. (here)
  • Instructional materials for Python programming contributed by Ties de Kok (